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  Customer Testimonials for live yoga recordings with Barbara Benagh

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I do want to let you know how much I value these CDs.

Barbara is the finest teacher I've encountered and having her clear and deep instructions are wonderful.

I especially appreciate the way she brings what can be "elusive" and esoteric into words and physicality. She is the yoga laureate.

Thanks for making her classes available!


I absolutely love these CDs.  They have the best quality of yoga audio I have heard and it feels like I’m in the room with Barbara.  Her teaching is excellent too – I love her style – the stories, the relationship to athletics, everything. 
I’ve been talking about them on our video fitness blog in the yoga cross trainer threads – several of us have these. 
They are a bargain – thank you so much for releasing them. 

My feedback is that the mp3's are GREAT!!!!!!!!!  I have listened to them (in my car, walking my dog) and practiced 70% of the classes.  They work for me because my preferred style is to stay longer in the poses and try to go deeper.  Barbara's stories/metaphors/anatomical refererences are all helpful in doing that.  And you can use info from one session to build on when doing another session.  I think for some practitioners it will be "too slow" but for an important other segment (like me) very approriate, and also great for teacher training.  I teach pilates and use some of the principles/metaphors with my students.

The Barbara Benagh class recordings are wonderful. I only have the first set so far, but will definitely get the second one soon, and would be delighted to know that more are forthcoming. I already loved Barbara's teaching from her other media offerings and these are even better. The class atmosphere is great. The sound is excellent and the chaptering is very helpful for tailoring a custom practice. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am telling lots of yoga friends about these.



I absolutely LOVE the CDs -- I've been practicing with them since I got
them, and feel so happy! The CDs give me a feeling of connection to my community (I know many of the students Barbara is talking to), I know what she means when she gives instructions -- it is absolutely the next
best thing to being in class.

Thanks so much for doing this, I am very grateful--


I believe I have all of Barbara's class CD's at this point, and I love them. I haven't made my way through all of them, but every once in a while when I'm feeling lost or uninspired in my own practice I put on one of the CD's and thoroughly enjoy being transported back to Boston. As a long-distance student of Barbara's I am most grateful that you've made these CD's available!

Thank you and Barbara for having her yoga classes available for downloads.
My wife and I like them very much - Barbara's voice came through very clear, and her instructions have been very helpful and encouraging.

I hope you plan on putting up more (and more!) of Barbara's classes.
The downloads worked fine for us, I like them because they are very convenient.

Thanks for everything.


My friend Julia bought and has downloaded a few of Barbara's classes. We've practiced them together and LOVED them. My favorite is the Opening the Back of the Heart CD. The sound quality is good, and her teaching, of course, is great. Since I've never practiced with her, a few of the asana were new and a little bit difficult to visualize ("dying warrior"). Other than that, they are the best audio I've used. Always nice to keep the home practice inspired!
Thanks for the great work!

(Note: we are currently working on a companion set of photos of the less traditional yoga poses to be made available online)

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