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(No guitars whatsoever on these recordings— the primary instrument is the Strumstick. )

Waking Up Is Not That Hard

So the story goes like this.  At our Monday Night Meditation, our friend and teacher Lama John Makransky mentioned at one point in his Dharma talk how "waking up is not that hard to do". He then paused and said, "Hey! That sounds like the title of a song!"

Of course he was referring to the 60's Neil Sedaka hit, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. But what on earth did Lama John really mean by this statement?

This song is my answer. 

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Guided by Sensation
This song features electric and acoustic Strumstick, and was written as a thank-you note to my yoga teacher Barbara Benagh. What is the body really, when it is sensed directly, beyond the words we have for it?

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Written on Water

This is a recent instrumental, and was a kind of musical breakthrough for me. The title is inspired by the inscription on the tombstone of the young Romantic poet, John Keats: "Here lies one whose name was writ in water."

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Nest is the first full CD release by David Zinn featuring songs written and performed on the Strumstick. It is available for direct download or online purchase of the CD as detailed below.

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Nest can be downloaded directly from the Apple iTunes Music Store.
If you don't have the iTunes software installed (Mac or PC), click the apple on the left . After instilation of iTunes, do a search for David Zinn and it will take you to Nest.

Or If you do have iTunes already open, just click Here and it's all yours!


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