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MP3 Downloads

Titles in this color (for example "HipSpace (Disc 3-4) from More and More Vol.1") are direct download mp3 files. These files are downloaded at the time of purchase and play on any mp3 player (for example, an iPod) or on any computer with the appropriate software (for example iTunes , which is free for both Mac and PC). The great thing is that you get to practice yoga with the recordings immediately as opposed to having to wait for your classes to arrive in the mail.

Titles that begin with "Combined Download" (for example" Combined Download: More and More! Volume 1") is a new feature which makes it possible for you to download an entire audio set (all three classes) at a 20% discount!

Requirements for Downloading:

Please make sure you have a reasonably fast internet connection: cable modem, DSL or Wi-Fi connection work very well. The classes are in a high quality mp3 audio format, and since each class is an hour and a half long, the file for download is around 40 MB. Download on a high-speed connection will take around 3 to 5 minutes.


To pay through standard credit card or PayPal:

Our site is hosted by the extremely secure financial resource, PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, no problem! When you enter the checkout page there is a section where it says: Don't have a PayPal account? At this point,double click this, and you will be able to make standard credit card purchases (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, etc.).



Going to the Download page

You will then be required to fill in all the standard credit card info. The info is not stored unless you open a PayPal account (which does have it's advantages, but is not nexcessary).

If you are not using a PayPal account (I.e. if you are paying with a credit card), you will continue to pay as a "guest" at PayPal.

When your purchase has been completed through PayPal, you may need to click one more link labled "Return to Heart of the Moon Media" in order to be redirected to your class download page. (See image below for clarification.)

Sorry for the inconvenience— this is a new security feature of PayPal as of Jan. 2011.



Finishing the Download

You will then be redirected to a specific webpage with a link to the class you have purchased, and simple instructions on how to download your class. Those of you who feel technically challenged, don't worry-- it's easy!

The classes are playable on a Mac or a PC. They are downloaded to your computer in a folder which has the class organized sequentially-- that is, each pose gets it's own track so that you can work with the ones you are most interested in if you like, or simply play the whole class in it's original sequence. The folder also has a .pdf booklet with a listing of all the tracks/poses in it.

As a back up, you will also receive an email within 24 hours which has a link to the specific webpage for your downloaded class. We send these out personally throughout the day as orders are received. And of course, if there are any problems with your download, we are available at info@heartofthemoon.com as well as via phone: 617-699-0805. Contact us with any concerns or problems-- we want you to be happy!


Return Policy

In the case of downloaded classes (mp3 audio files), there really isn't a product to return-- that is, once the class has been downloaded, it is already on your computer and there is really no way to "send it back". So for downloads, all refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. Perhaps it would be best to try out a class or two to see if Barbara's style of  teaching yoga is appropriate for your level of practice. That being said, we want you to be happy with your purchase, and we will try in all cases to be accommodating to refunds.

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Thank you for your interest in live yoga classes by Barbara Benagh!